Q. What does a concierge do?
A. The National Concierge Association (NCA) defines the title of concierge as an individual whose principal occupational responsibility is to facilitate, or to arrange for the facilitation of, any request placed by client. Providing the request is legal, ethical and appropriate for a concierge to do! We reserve the right to refuse requests that we feel are inappropriate or unsafe for anyone connected with Chiltern Hills Concierge.

Q. What is the limit of your services?
A. The only limit to our services is your imagination.
Q. So this means the sky is the limit?
A. No the sky isn’t the limit, there are foot steps on the moon.

Q. What area do you cover?
A. We provide virtual assistance worldwide and personal assistance within a 10 mile radius from our office. Unless by prior arrangement.

Q. Do you have gift certificates?
A. Yes we do! What a great gift to give throughout the year! We offer different amounts according to your requirements and they are valid for 6 months.

Give the gift of TIME, with one of our gift vouchers